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ToolHound offers several options for scanning the bar code or RFID labels that provide identification to the ToolHound System. Below, you will find brief descriptions of available options to help you determine which is right for you application. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mobile Computers

Dolphin 9900

Rugged mobile computers with integrated bar code / RFID reading capability allow users to process issues, returns and other transactions from anywhere, translating into increased flexibility and efficiency. These hand held devices collect transaction information and transfer this information to the ToolHound database either as a batch of transactions through a docking station linked to a PC, or through a wireless LAN in real time.

All ToolHound mobile computers are capable of operating in either batch or wireless mode. They feature Microsoft Windows Mobile to provide a familiar interface to users. The easy-to-use ToolHound Mobile software guides the user step-by-step through the transaction process.

Batch Mode



Total mobility. No need to be within range of the wireless network. Transactions not reflected in ToolHound database until mobile computer is docked




Transactions update the ToolHound database in real time Requires Wireless LAN infrastructure

>> Dolphin 99EX
>> Dolphin 9900
>> Psion Workabout
>> Intermec CN3


Tethered Scanners

Dolphin 3800Tethered scanners connect directly to a PC and function as an input device much like a standard keyboard. Although very cost effective, a system incorporating a tethered scanner requires that a PC be present at the point of issue and that all transactions take place in that location.

This scanning system is well suited to a cost-sensitive application where it is acceptable that all transactions occur at the PC.



Low Hardware Cost
  • Requires co-located PC
  • Does not allow mobility

>> Dolphin 3800

Self-service Kiosk

kioskScanning kiosks are stationary terminals that are ideal for introducing self-serve tool and equipment check-out and return. The devices are similar to those found in ‘big-box’ stores for self-serve price checks.

The ToolHound Kiosk software provides a very simple and efficient interface for employees, and manages real-time updates of the ToolHound database through a wired or wireless connection to the PC or network.



  • Simplifies self-serve check-out and return
  • Transactions are transferred to ToolHound database in real-time
  • Large items require use of auxiliary handheld scanner
  • Does not allow mobility

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