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The ToolHound OnLine offers all of the powerful features of ToolHound OnSite, but without the ongoing cost and maintenance of your own web and database server. Offered on a subscription basis, ToolHound Online includes access to the software via our physically secure data center, automatic data back ups and our maintenance and support services. All the benefits of a robust, browser-based system with none of the internal IT infrastructure requirements!

Features and Benefits



Immediate Start-Up Be up and running in no time without installing any software.Simply sign up and log onto the web site.
Minimize Capital Investment Use ToolHound’s existing servers and software instead of investing in on site infrastructure. The service can be written off as an operating expense.
Eliminate Obsolescence The service includes automatic updates to the software. Upgrades occur transparently and eliminate costly internal costs for maintenance of software.
Minimize IT Support Costs To reduce IT resource costs, support services are included as part of the Online Hosting Solution subscription.
Share Data Across Your Enterprise Easily access the application and share data from multiple locations without worrying about network infrastructure.As all users within your organization are accessing the same database, no synchronization of data is required between various users.
Exceptional Security The software and data reside on a server that uses a firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference and access from outside sources. The server operates out of a physically secure data center. Backups are performed automatically.
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