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ToolHound OnSite

Designed for companies with multiple locations and assets, ToolHound Onsite is a robust, browser-based application with a powerful Microsoft® SQL backend database. ToolHound Onsite uses the power of the Internet or your corporate intranet to allow asset visibility in all locations.

Enjoy cost savings, operating efficiencies and overall peace of mind through effective, easy-to-use monitoring, tracking and location of your valuable assets.

By using ToolHound Onsite you can simply and easily:

  • Track an unlimited number of assets at multiple locations
  • Accurately manage the check out and return process for tools, equipment and consumables
  • Monitor and schedule maintenance as required
  • Improve operating efficiencies
  • Maximize the use of your current assets and avoid overstock or duplication of tools, equipment and consumables.
  • Share inventory data and provide accurate reporting across your organization, no matter how many locations.
  • Recapture tooling costs by billing for usage
  • Maintain optimal inventory levels for consumables using the integrated purchasing system
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“We estimate that on current usage we will reduce our tool budget by 25% annually..”

Brian Crosthwaite, Mosaic.

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