How Does Integrating Technology Simplify the Construction Management Process?

Posted on April 30, 2019 by Admin

Making effective use of the full range of technological innovations available in today’s construction management industries is critical to streamlining performance, boosting productivity and improving revenues. Modern equipment management applications integrate cutting edge technologies to help unlock new capabilities for businesses including:

●      Equipment management functions

●      Maintenance and compliance tracking

●      Real-time visibility on consumable inventory

●      RFID-backed tool tracking

●      Rental management features

●      Inventory control across multiple locations and more

With the game-changing features offered through integrated modern construction management technologies, your business could experience advantages such as:

1. Streamlined Job Site Organization to Increase Productivity

Taking advantage of the wide range of advanced construction equipment management technologies in today’s market allows businesses to boost productivity dramatically. With less time devoted to tracking, counting, checking-in and returning inventory, companies who streamline operations with innovative technologies free employees up to focus on more critical tasks. Modern businesses of all sizes who take advantage of tool and equipment management experience increases in productivity through advantages including:

●      More efficient inventory reconciliation and control functions

●      Enhanced workplace productivity by delivering the right equipment at the right time

●      Reduced equipment and tool losses

●      A one-stop-shop for complete visibility on equipment inventories

Recently, an electric power generator leveraged advanced job site organization functions to boost productivity and more efficiently deliver electric service to users in and around the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Specifically, by taking advantage of the sophisticated equipment tracking technologies of ToolHound, they improved employee accountability and helped forecast future material requirements. This system dramatically reduced redundant purchasing, and improved equipment testing and maintenance scheduling.

2. Access to Real-Time Construction Management Data

By integrating the wide range of modern, construction management and equipment tracking technologies available, businesses can take advantage of opportunities which come through access to critical real-time data. This data not only improves efficiency and productivity but helps organizations to conduct more effective decision-making. Real-time construction management helps companies across multiple sectors including, but not limited to:

●      Power generation

●      Mining

●      Construction

●      Oil and Gas

●      Utilities

●      Maintenance

●      Chemical processing

As a recent example, an equipment rental company utilized the advanced construction management functions of ToolHound 5 to address the needs of customers across both the private and corporate sectors. By using the latest bar code and wireless scanning technology, the company streamlined operations dramatically. This integrated technology helped them gain high-fidelity, real-time data concerning equipment required at specific job sites across the country and make more informed asset allocation decisions.

3. Increased Operational Efficiencies to Improve Your Bottom Line

In addition to boosting productivity and gaining access to critical, real-time data for decision-making, tool and equipment management also help businesses maximize revenues. By efficiently tracking inventory and equipment, companies can more readily liquidate underutilized items and help prevent instances of excess purchasing. This improved operational efficiency can translate to higher profits and more opportunities for both short- and long-term growth.

By leveraging the power of tool and equipment management, a fertilizer manufacturer recently reduced annual tool budget allocations by 25%, for savings of over $50,000! They experienced this cost-cutting solution by implementing an advanced construction equipment tracking system via ToolHound which delivered real-time tool tracking data and automatic report generation. These significant savings helped them focus resources on improving other areas of ongoing operations.

Learn More About Tool and Equipment Management

Achieve game-changing advantages by placing a full suite of advanced construction management technology at your fingertips. Learn more about gaining access to critical real-time data, enhancing productivity and improving your company’s bottom line by connecting to the ToolHound Learning Center on YouTube or working directly with your local ToolHound administrator. Please also feel free to reach out to our support team via email at or give us a call at 847-386-1700 or, toll-free, at 800-387-8665 to learn more.


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