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Posted on March 5, 2019 by Admin

The recently launched ToolHound 5 mobile app, TH5Phone, is the ideal solution for organizations looking for a quick and easy way to track, manage and adjust tools, equipment or other consumable inventory from any location. TH5Phone delivers state-of-the-art flexibility, functionality and ease-of-use from any mobile device. The app’s advanced features make it ideally suited for those on the go or those who routinely work in the field.

Read more below to discover how the TH5Phone app can reduce theft and loss of inventory via a comprehensive, fast and efficient check-out, rental and return system.

Key Features and Functions of the ToolHound 5 App

While using the TH5Phone app, your team can gain access to a wide range of advanced functions directly from the main menu such as:

●       Issue/Return: Use this function to rapidly create an inventory transaction by recording an item which was checked out or returned to the stocking point.

●       Item Lookup: This feature allows you to find detailed information related to a specific item, regardless of category.

●       Create Requisition: With this feature, you can easily submit a request to restock a specific inventory item from any stocking point selected at login. The TH5Phone app also permits you to enter additional comments about your requisition request.

●       Issued Items: This section of the app allows you to locate all inventory checked out to a specific entity from the stocking point selected during login. After finding and retrieving the details about a piece of inventory, you may return, audit or reassign the item.

●       Adjust Inventory: Use this function to quickly increase or decrease the quantity of bulk or consumable inventory on hand by entering, searching or scanning the item’s ID. After locating the ID, you can easily enter the adjustment quantity and reason for the adjustment.

New features are being added all the time.

Easy to Install, Configure and Use

Get started using the advanced features of the TH5Phone app in just minutes by first downloading the software. Android users can access the app from the Google Play Store and Apple users can find it via the App Store. Once downloaded and launched, quickly configure the server URL and alias you currently use to access ToolHound via the Silverlight browser. Once you save these settings, start the app again and login with your username and password.

Navigating the app is easy and intuitive. Simply utilize icons to enter, select or find the data you need. With the five options from the main menu detailed above, you and your team can rapidly requisition, issue or adjust item inventory with ease.

Learn More About How ToolHound Delivers the Right Tool, at the Right Place, Right Now

To discover the full range of features ToolHound delivers, be sure to access the ToolHound Learning Center on YouTube, work with the ToolHound administrator within your organization or visit the support section of our website. Please also feel free to contact our support team at support@toolhound.com if you have any additional questions or concerns.


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