Do Smaller Construction Jobs Need Tool Tracking?

Posted on July 26, 2016 by Admin

It’s commonly thought that comprehensive tool tracking systems are only needed by large construction companies that have massive tool inventories. However, accountability and efficiency aren’t concepts that are exclusive to big operations – it’s essential for construction firms of any size to know where their tools and equipment are and who is using them. There are many benefits of tracking and managing tools and equipment for smaller construction firms, including saving time, money and manpower.

Scaling Upward

A top priority for most business owners is to have their company experience growth. In order to do this, however, smaller construction firms need to eliminate as many hurdles prohibiting their growth as possible. Tool tracking systems ensure that tools are where they need to be and reduce the time and manpower needed to maintain tool rooms and inventories. These efficiencies allow a small construction company to focus on getting more jobs and scaling their business upward. Also, a good tool tracking system scales up along with a business, preventing a company from having to get a new system every few years.

Simplify Project Control

When your company has a tool tracking system in place that works like a library, you will always know where your tools and equipment are, regardless of the size of your job or operation. Employees check out the tools needed for each job and return the tools when the job is complete. This helps simplify overall project control by avoiding stalled productivity, minimizing loss and improving tool utilization.

Preserve Your Investment

With the right tool tracking system, you can preserve your investment on tools and other equipment. The costs of losing equipment due to hoarding, misplacement or theft can be very high and can cause unnecessary financial strain on a small construction firm. Also, as new equipment and tools are added to your construction company’s tool inventory, you can relax knowing your investment is protected through a scalable system.

Save Time

Completing projects on time and on budget are two very important facets of a successful construction company. When time is wasted searching for lost tools or waiting for the right equipment to arrive at the jobsite, it can have a huge negative impact on the final project completion date. You can easily eliminate downtime with the right tool tracking system, thereby helping your employees to finish on time and maintaining your reputation as a company.

Eliminate Manned Tool and Equipment Rooms

When a smaller construction company utilizes a tool tracking system, they don’t have to hire as much staff for their tool room. Fully automated tool rooms and kiosks still hold employees accountable. After-hours and weekend tool check-in and check-out are handled by construction employees, rather than requiring someone to come in during overtime. Saving money on staff can be an important factor in the success of a small construction firm.

Meeting the Needs of Smaller Construction Companies for Tool Tracking and Inventory Management

Because tool tracking systems can help your company grow, and grow with your company, the benefits can be readily apparent soon after implementation. For many smaller construction companies, this significantly helps the bottom line.

ToolHound 5 provides the easy-to-use, efficient tool tracking and inventory management system you need to help control your company’s most valuable assets. ToolHound is a scalable, affordable system that optimizes the efficiency of any operation or construction job – no matter how big or small.


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