Technology and the High-Tech Job Site

Posted on February 29, 2016 by Admin

In today’s always connected world, technology offers a wide range of gadgets and services that make our daily lives more comfortable and convenient, not to mention more entertaining as well. On today’s job site, however, technology plays a much more valuable role — enabling greater efficiency and safety.

Technology has delivered a number of important advances that are revolutionizing the modern, high-tech job site.

RFID Tool Tracking

The use of a tool and equipment tracking system, like ToolHound 5, increases both efficiency and productivity by managing valuable inventory across job sites. With RFID technology replacing bar code labels for many applications, reliable construction inventory management can be done in real-time, even when tools are used in harsh, dirty or greasy environments.

But this tool management software not only simplifies tool tracking, it also contributes to improved safety. Because improper tool maintenance can lead to on-the-job mistakes and accidents, the ToolHound Maintenance Module keeps track of regular maintenance tasks with full reporting on when service is due, outstanding repairs, meter readings and maintenance histories.

Working in the Cloud

With workers and resources spread across multiple job sites, many construction firms have come to rely on cloud computing as a more practical and efficient way to collaborate. Storing information in the cloud provides secure, anytime access to applications and data from virtually any Internet-connected device, regardless of how much data storage that device offers. For example, ToolHound Cloud uses an online, hosted version of ToolHound to manage the movement, usage and location of tools and equipment without the hassle of maintaining web and database servers.

Going Mobile

Availability of cloud computing and Wi-Fi Internet access, plus the growing number of workers with tablets and smart phones on the job, means ever-increasing mobility. To allow you to take full advantage of that mobility, there are a number of mobile apps for the construction industry, including CAD apps to change blueprints on the fly, and apps that help managers calculate supplies, concrete volumes, roofing materials and more.

Virtual High-Tech Job Site

While drones, GoPro video cameras and 360-degree fisheye cameras are popular with hobbyists, they also come in handy for improved construction information workflow. Video and panorama photography are great tools to simplify visual documentation and bring the virtual job site to management, saving time and travel costs.

We’ve all become accustomed to the conveniences made possible by technology in our day-to-day lives. But when it comes to the hardware and software solutions available in today’s construction industry, a high-tech job site delivers unprecedented and even unexpected advantages.


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