ToolHound Kiosk

Working with ToolHound Cloud or ToolHound On Premise, the kiosk enable workers to quickly get and return the tools they require without a tool crib attendant – while still keeping the employee accountable for them.

With the kiosk, workers can checkout and return their own tools using a simple-to-use touch screen computer and bar code or RFID reader. The worker simply scans their badge to start the process and then choose whether they are checking out or returning tool inventory.

The worker or the RFID reader will then scan all items the worker possesses and display them on the computer screen. The worker confirms that the list matches their tool inventory and proceeds to their work space or to the crib to return their tools.

By using ToolHound’s Kiosk software, site managers will have accurate, up-to-date inventories of their tools and equipment, which could significantly reduce the volume of tools and equipment that get lost, hoarded or removed from the work site.

Do you know where your tools are?

Lower costs. More revenue. One powerful tool.