ToolHound recognizes that an efficient inventory purchasing management system is a serious priority for many businesses. A critical part of managing your tool crib or store room is consumable inventory purchasing and tool replacement. That’s why we’ve developed the ToolHound Purchasing Module to help you manage this crucial aspect of your business.

The Purchasing Module involves powerful inventory control software that monitors item availability and usage to create purchase orders. The system also tracks these orders, and reports on usage history so that management can make informed decisions regarding inventory purchasing strategies.

The online viewing, receiving and reporting capabilities of our inventory management system are designed to support multiple tool crib/store room locations.

Features and Benefits

  • Automated reordering - Replenish inventory using user-defined minimum and maximum quantities. 
  • Manual reordering - Select the items you want to order by part number and supplier.
  • Automated receiving - Entire shipments can be received quickly and accurately with only a few keystrokes, or by using the portable wireless bar code scanner.
  • Receiving report - Generate receiving reports by supplier and/or purchase order number.
  • Track back orders - View back order reports or completed purchase orders at any time.
  • Current inventory purchasing - Current costs and inventory valuation are always up-to-date. Average cost and last cost are updated upon receipt of new inventory.

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