Tracking everything from labor and material costs to service histories, ToolHound’s Service module is an invaluable addition to the basic ToolHound asset tracking system. This equipment maintenance software monitors and schedules maintenance of items needing service and provides full reporting for service due, outstanding repairs, meter readings, maintenance histories and much more.

Having equipment service software to track the maintenance schedules of your tools and equipment can benefit your company in a number of ways:

  • Allow the implementation of preventative maintenance.
  • Track emergency and unscheduled repairs.
  • Provide inspection and calibration capabilities.
  • Ensure fewer equipment breakdowns.
  • Result in fewer work stoppages and stock-outs.
  • Lead to longer asset life and greater resale values.
  • Result in a safer work site.
  • Track items sent out for external repairs.
  • Store compliance certificates and other documents for easy retrieval.

Features & Benefits

  • Service Tasks - Operators predetermine the service requirements for an unlimited number of tasks and include a detailed description of each for future reference.
  • Work Orders - Generate and track work orders based on pre-determined service tasks.
  • Work Order Status - List work orders as requested, approved, in process or completed.
  • Service Due - Track service due by time intervals, number of uses or meter readings.
  • Safety Equipment Tracking - Ensure that safety equipment is serviced according to industry standards, and that inspections and servicing required by law are not overlooked.
  • Required Equipment and Material Listing - Ensure that equipment and material is in place when required.
  • Multiple Reports - Generates reports for Service Due, Outstanding Repairs, Meter Readings, Maintenance Histories and much more.

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