The ability to ensure that the right tool is in the right place at all times is critical for any organization with an equipment and tool inventory. ToolHound’s powerful equipment and tool management software delivers the performance and usability needed to help you gain complete control of your tool and equipment inventory. Large and small companies worldwide rely on ToolHound to increase staff accountability and productivity, reduce costs and improve efficiencies in a range of applications including power generation, chemical processing, maintenance, mining and construction inventory management. Equipment and tool management software has evolved from the days of paper-based systems and basic spreadsheets. Using a comprehensive database, coupled with a simple and accurate bar code or RFID-based transaction system, ToolHound efficiently tracks the issue and return of tools to contractors and employees, and the transfer of equipment between various job sites and tool room locations.

Effective, easy-to-use monitoring, tracking and location of valuable assets delivers overall peace of mind with increased staff accountability, reduced tool hoarding, significant cost savings and maximum productivity. ToolHound also helps you schedule regular maintenance and track employee certification, leading to safer working practices and reduced company liability. Furthermore, ToolHound is a web browser-based tool management software, which means your tool inventory can be managed remotely at any time and from anywhere via a single software platform. The comprehensive portfolio of scalable ToolHound equipment and tool management software delivers prompt return on investment through:

  • Streamlined inventory reconciliation and tool control
  • Reduction in equipment losses and tool hoarding
  • Comprehensive tool and equipment visibility
  • Time savings realized when tools are issued or returned
  • Less time spent searching for lost or misplaced equipment
  • Resale of obsolete or excessive equipment inventory
  • Increased worker productivity because the right tool is in the right place at the right time

Do you know where your tools are?

Lower costs. More revenue. One powerful tool.