Customer satisfaction is a top priority at ToolHound. We take pride in providing solutions for businesses in construction, chemical processing, power generation, mining, maintenance and many other industries. Companies who use ToolHound products end up saving time and money by increasing productivity, simplifying tool tracking and reducing the risk of tool loss. Our customers also benefit from a dedicated support team and training services to ensure you’re getting the most out of your equipment tracking software and devices.

Here are some highlights of what our customers are saying about ToolHound’s equipment tracking software and equipment rental software.

  • Potomac Electric Power Company

    "With approximately 2,500 employees on staff and a number of contractors, inventory and warehouse management is an immense challenge."

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  • Texas Genco

    "It’s user friendly and works great. After a little training I feel like I can fly with it! I’d recommend it to anyone."

  • Herc Rentals

    "In addition to the mobility RF offers, it sends and receives data in real-time. The guys don’t have to be at a keyboard."

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  • Reliant Energy Wholesale Group

    "ToolHound was the best product we could find on the market to fit our needs."

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  • Bechtel

    "With the punch of a few keys we can find out where our tools are and get them into the hands of our people."

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  • Dow Chemicals

    "We want to control 99%-100% of our tools."

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    "Independent Research by BSRIA (Building Servies Research and Information Association)"

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  • IMC

    "We estimate that on current usage, we will reduce our tool budget by 25% annually!"

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  • TransAlta

    "ToolHound systems has cut tool crib expenses by 30% at TransAlta’s Edmonton plant. It’s a godsend."

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  • Dominion

    "You can get a report of any information you want. It saves us time and that translates into saving money."

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  • Raymond

    "With ToolHound we’ve been able to track things better. It’s a great system, much better than our old one."

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