The Overview

We implemented the product in June 2003, just in time for their Plant Shutdown. By the time the shutdown was complete, they estimated that they had actually paid for ToolHound in the amount of money saved in lost tools.

  • 1,600+ Items
  • 25% Annual Savings

The Results

For background, ToolHound was implemented in a single crib, tracking 1600+ items of various types (Individual, Bulk, Consumable, etc). They are using the Dolphin Scanners in an RF-type application. They found the system extremely easy to use, both in Tool tracking and adjusting Inventory. Also, with Report Writer, they have developed reports that list overdue tools by Supervisor, allowing them to follow up on tools that have exceeded our preset allowable time for tools in the field – currently set at 7 days. This has resulted in increased control of where a tool is at any given time.

"We estimate that on current usage, we will reduce our Tool budget by 25% or $50,000 CAD Annually."

Do you know where your tools are?

Lower costs. More revenue. One powerful tool.