Equipment maintenance and compliance is one of the most essential aspects of maintaining efficiency in the construction, mining, or oil and gas industries. Your equipment is likely one of your biggest investments, and it’s imperative that it be properly maintained and cared for in order for it to last as long as possible and provide its maximum ROI.

ToolHound ensures the schedules and guidelines that go into maintenance and compliance are strictly followed. Using our automated tool control system, you can quickly access a piece of equipment’s entire maintenance history. The chart below describes other maintenance issues that ToolHound can provide solutions for.

  • Construction equipment maintenance
  • Utility tools and equipment maintenance
  • Schedule tool calibration
  • Mining safety equipment inspection
  • Track preventative maintenance schedules
  • Oil and gas equipment maintenance
  • Equipment compliance per industry standards
  • How can I limit work stoppages caused by poorly maintained tools?
  • Can a tool tracking system record service history and related costs?
  • How can I ensure compliance per specific standards in my industry?
  • What can we do to reduce tool and equipment costs?
  • What additional steps can I take to improve safety on the job site?

ToolHound Maintenance and Compliance Benefits

  • Schedule regular preventative maintenance
  • Track employee compliance on specific equipment
  • Optimize safety and quality control while limiting liability
  • Perform routine tool calibration on schedule
  • Extend tool inventory life with regular maintenance
  • Gain peace of mind that tools are in place and ready for use when needed
  • Ensure that safety equipment is serviced and inspected according to standards
  • Store compliance certificates and other documents
  • Generates reports for service due, outstanding repairs, meter readings, maintenance histories, and more

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