If you rent tools and equipment to companies or in-house departments in construction, mining, oil & gas, or any other industry, you know that accurate rate calculation and equipment tracking is essential to your business. ToolHound’s equipment rental module makes these operations much more efficient by streamlining and automating billing, equipment tracking, tool check-in/out and more.

Please see the chart below for more solutions that our equipment rental software provides. For more information, please visit our External Rental Module page or contact us directly with any questions. You can also request a demo to see exactly how our rental system works.

  • Crane equipment rental
  • Heavy lifting equipment rental
  • Construction equipment rental
  • Mining equipment rental
  • Industrial tool rental
  • Oil and gas equipment rental
  • Utility plant tool rental
  • Equipment sales to outside contractors
  • Can I track tool rentals with the same system that manages in-house equipment?
  • How can I simplify calculation of discount rates per contractor or department?
  • Can we eliminate the need to manually input rental rates for every transaction?
  • Is there an equipment rental software billing system that accommodates miscellaneous charges?
  • How can we streamline reporting of rentals per contractor for faster billing?

ToolHound Equipment Rental Benefits

  • Rent or sell equipment to in-house departments or outside contractors
  • Easily manage various rental rates and calculate discounts per project
  • Generate automatic reports on miscellaneous charges
  • Set selling price for each item based on cost plus mark-up, or by set price
  • Scan rented equipment to check in/check out and automatically calculate charges

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