ToolHound and DeWalt Are Pleased to Announce Partnership

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ToolHound and DeWalt are pleased to announce the merging of technology in a partnership that enables the physical tracking of equipment and tools across an array of industries.



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Summary: ToolHound partners with DeWalt, a manufacturer of premium power and hand tools used in construction, manufacturing, and other industries. The merging of technology provided by both companies will allow users to track the location of tools and equipment. Both companies are proud of this new partnership and believe it will add value to any organization or industry wishing to improve its services and productivity.


Alberta, CA, December 16, 2021 – Already known for its equipment and tool management software, ToolHound believes this latest partnership will make it even easier for project managers and workers to keep track of assets, including tools and equipment. When used in concert with the new ToolHound 6 application, these technologies can help industries eliminate the permanent or temporary loss of assets workers need to complete their job duties on time.

 When using the new ToolHound 6 asset management software with DeWalt’s Tool Connect Bluetooth technology, you can now discover the current location of your equipment and tools.  ToolHound users can swiftly and accurately see where DeWalt Tool Connect tools are located. Tools from other manufacturers can also be tracked when equipped with Tool Connect tags.

ToolHound 6 software seamlessly interfaces with DeWalt Site Manager, providing you with true hands-off tracking to: 

  • Uncover the current or last recorded location of items or assets equipped with Tool Connect tags
  • Display the location of these items on a map
  • Automatically add items in DeWalt’s Site Manager to your ToolHound software
  • Automatically transfer tools and equipment, along with their associated billing, from job site to job site 

Note: For the mapping technology to function, the tool (or tag) must be within reading distance (approximately 100 feet) of an asset gateway or a mobile device that is running the Tool Connect Site Manager.

More About ToolHound 6:

Created on the .Net Core platform with an SQL database, ToolHound 6 is a web-based application that functions well in modern HTML5 web browsers. Apps are available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Examples of other core advantages of the new ToolHound 6 software app include the following.

  • Faster asynchronous processing speed
  • Background notifications for service due, overdue assets or low inventory
  • Integrated bar code scanning and RFID (in compatible devices)
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Interfaces with DeWalt Tool Connect to locate missing assets
  • User-defined checklists for tasks and to reference work orders

 ToolHound and DeWalt expect their partnership to last for many years. Some of the many benefits of this combined technology include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased accountability
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved overall efficiency 

About ToolHound:

For nearly 35 years, ToolHound’s tool tracking solutions have delivered outstanding results for companies in construction, power generation, maintenance, chemical processing, mining and mechanical contracting. With expertise in bar code, RFID and other wireless technologies, ToolHound offers a range of versatile, powerful equipment inventory software. Using the services offered by ToolHound increases equipment and tool utilization and productivity, providing you with a maximum return on your investment. Visit ToolHound here to learn more.

About DeWalt Tool Connect:

 The Tool Connect Inventory Manager provides a web portal allowing you to track all your inventory. The system updates regularly via the cloud by way of the Tool Connect mobile application to automate the management of your tool and equipment inventory. Visit Tool Connect here to learn more.


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